Narrow Bridge Candles

An ongoing partnership with Jonah at Narrow Bridge Candles allows me to continuously help them through their business strategy growth and change. I have helped them transition their business from Wix to Shopify including a custom theme as well as optimizing their workflow to minimize operational overhead and costs.

Turtle Tank

Samia at Turtle Tank was looking for a white-label partnership with a full stack developer capable of launching fully integrates products for their community. With continuous quick consults, we are able to utilize a per launch based strategy to deliver their content to their clients. We utilize a combination of Squarespace, Sam Cart, Stripe, ConvertKit, Zapier, Teachable, and Kissmetrics to name a few.


With an ambition to simplify collegiate organization management my cofounder and I started RUMI Innovations. recruitME is the first multiplatform application I created to simplify recruitment within multiple organizations. It is currently available on both the playstore and appstore for android and iOS respectively.

Pacific Homes

The Pacific Homes first development project named Plaza Pacifico in Ecuador was a new avenue in digital work for myself. I generated a top down consult on the business, their goals, and their current hurdles. Identifying that their marketing and branding was the next step they required I collaborated to create a 3D building and apartment tour video and a website. It showcases what pacific homes offered and how their product differentiated them within their local market. Click below to view the video.

MBA Inside Scoop

Praveen reached out to me as he was looking to give his part time consulting some serious thought. He was looking for a site that convey his teams successes while encouraging future MBA applicants to seriously consider a service that would prepare them for the application process. After reviewing his content and hearing first hand from some of the MBA candidates he’d helped the site naturally came together. It showcases what they do best and exactly how they do it. He now has his plans clearly laid out and is extremely happy with traction the site has gotten for his business.

Blue Skies Bed & Breakfast

The kind folks at Blue Skies Bed and Breakfast were looking to have a website developed in a very short time-frame that included a booking utility. In collaboration with Digital Samurai Consulting, we were able to design and deliver a website within a week. After evaluating a number of solutions, we found a booking utility that would suit their needs perfectly, allowing them to have a single portal to manage their bookings while also being featured on 20 sales channels, including,, and They also requested to have security automation between guest bookings, as well as a home automation and security system, that we were able to to install on-site. We continue to manage and maintain the web servers for Blue Skies.


Utah Association for Intellectual Disabilities were looking for a refresh. They wanted to develop an easy self maintainable website that would attract their target clientele and drive donations. In collaboration with Rossignon Design, we designed and created the site on time and at a quarter of the budget. Through the one day training we provided the organization self manages their site and services.


ASI Services wanted to develop a Drupal 7 web site that would allow it to market its new location in Dubai, U.A.E. We had a very tight two week deadline to deliver a bilingual (English and Arabic) website. In collaboration with Rossignon Design, we designed and created the site on time and within budget! We continue to support the company’s sites and services.

Aviation Zone

AV Support Inc. requested a Drupal 7 web site that would allow it to market and sell its services to existing and potential aviation clients. Working with Rossignon Design, we created a complete solution that included the ability to create aviation email broadcasts.

Fine Art Urns

Liz & Ron at Fine Art Urns create beautiful masterpieces and were looking to move their website from an un-managed inventory system to something that would be easy to maintain, allowing them to focus their efforts on their art and the daily business operations. With a quick consult, we were able to redesign their image and create a comprehensive Shopify store that allowed them to easily manage their orders and payment processing.